Getting our kids outdoors
24/11/2015 By Ngaire Stirling - Brisbane Kids

A secret swimming hole at Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek’s leafy green trees, trickling rock pools, flowing waterfalls and natural swimming holes will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Once a secret spot known only to locals, Brisbane families now come from near and far to visit this stunning location and enjoy some good old-fashioned nature play.

Getting to Cedar Creek (near Samford)

Not to be confused with Cedar Creek at Mount Tambourine, this spot is located approximately 20 minutes from the village of Samford on Brisbane’s north side.

To access Cedar Creek, begin at Samford and drive north along Mount Samson Road, then turn left into Cedar Creek Road.

Continue along Cedar Creek Road until you see Andy Williams Park. You can opt to stop here, or continue along Cedar Creek Road until you reach the end. This is where the larger waterfalls and swimming holes are located.

The drive to and from Samford is through picturesque country side and is an enjoyable part of the whole outing


Andy Williams Park, Cedar Creek

This is a great place for families to stop for a picnic or BBQ lunch (electric BBQs provided). There are open green spaces, toilets, a rubbish bin, picnic tables, off-street car parking and easy access to the creek.

Kids can spend hours exploring the creek, rock hopping, making dams, floating leaf boats or stick rafts and climbing trees. Located below Mount Glorious, this spot is best enjoyed after rain to ensure the water has not become stagnant.

Cedar Creek waterhole, Cedar Creek

If you choose to continue further along Cedar Creek Road, you will be rewarded with more natural beauty including open swimming holes and waterfalls.

This is a great place to take a dip and cool off in summer or soak up the sun on a large rock in winter. Kids will also be kept busy with exploring the local surrounds.

There are no established bushwalking paths in the area, so best to stay near the creek.
There are no facilities of any kind at this location, so take all your rubbish with you and leave this spot as you found it, for other families to enjoy.

Nature play opportunities:

  • Rock skimming – count how many skips across the water it can make
  • Spot guppies and other creatures in the shallow pools
  • Make boats from seed pods, leaves etc. and have boat races
  • Stop and listen to the natural sounds – the rustling leaves, the trickling water, the bird calls
  • Keep a journal of all the wildlife you can spot – brush turkeys, lizards and whip birds are common
  • Swim in the waterholes or wade around in the rock pools

The Cedar Creek waterhole and Andy Williams Park are located on Cedar Creek Road near Samford.