Getting our kids outdoors

About Us

Here you will find Nature Play QLD's mission, vision and values, and what we do.


For unstructured outdoor play in the outdoors and in nature to become a normal part of every child’s life in Queensland, so they can develop into resilient, healthy and creative people.


To work innovatively and collaboratively to make nature play an integral part of childhood for everyone on the understanding that unstructured, outdoor nature play is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.

Our Value Statement

We believe a healthy world comes from a complete and balanced childhood incorporating free outdoor play.

What We Do

Nature Play QLD is dedicated to ensuring every Queensland child has a childhood that includes outdoor play. Providing a connection to nature that supports their physical and mental health, resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence, and ensures a healthy relationship with nature that will last a lifetime.

We support outdoor play through participation programs, advocacy, and research. Providing events, workshops, and resources for families and educators all over Queensland.

Nature play promotes health benefits, including cognitive, social and emotional development, and it builds resilience and creativity as well. Experiences in nature as a child also lead to environmental awareness and stewardship later in life.

Nature Play QLD is a collaborative organisation, working with partner groups to encourage the Queensland community to value nature play, and support families to prioritise it in children’s lives. Our primary role is to advocate the nature play message and to increase access to nature play resources, events and programs for Queenslanders.

Inspired by great minds
Nature Play QLD is inspired by the ideas of American social commentator Richard Louv and the Children & Nature Network.

Nature Play QLD is affiliated with Nature Play WANature Play SA and Nature Play ACT.