Getting our kids outdoors

Children, Nature and Play

Connecting with nature helps us care for ourselves and the earth.

A growing body of evidence indicates that for humans to thrive in harmony with nature, we need to understand the importance of integrating it into our lives. People of all ages who participate in nature-based activities tend to be happier and healthier than those who do not.

“Nature play is when children are provided with the opportunity to engage in unstructured play activities in outdoor settings where natural elements feature, such as logs, rocks and water, as opposed to conventional manufactured play equipment. It is when children create their own play using natural features” says Associate Professor Janet Dyment from the School of Education at the University of Tasmania

Playing in and with nature is a simple yet powerful activity that can provide enormous benefits for children. If you complement playing in nature with learning outdoors, the children in your family, your care or your class have the potential to develop into resilient, happy and engaged people.

So, take your children outside into a park, the yard, the beach, some bushland and let them be themselves, allow them to play, explore, challenge themselves, discover and create. Don’t take anything with you and encourage and support their play when they want you too.

Let nature do the talking and the nurturing.


The benefits of Nature Play for your child’s development

Nature play promotes health benefits, including cognitive, social and emotional development, and it builds resilience and creativity as well. Experiences in nature as a child also leads to environmental awareness and stewardship later in life.

Outdoor learning and its benefits

Outdoor learning has positive impacts for children – it works on their intrinsic motivation for learning, provides enjoyable lessons, increases creativity, and activates thinking outside the box.  It also improves children’s health and wellbeing, social skills and behaviour, and furthermore has been proven to encourage better attendance, teamwork and to reduce bullying.


About Nature Play QLD

Reflections of 10 years of Nature Play QLD

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Passport to an amazing childhood

The Nature Play QLD Passport is a small, hard copy booklet, similar to a real passport, that contains fun nature play missions, stickers and blank pages. It’s used to document and celebrate the nature play missions and outdoor learning activities your children achieve.

Two easy steps - it’s fun and it’s free!

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