Getting our kids outdoors

Educate in a new way with nature play

Using nature to teach new concepts and to foster class discussion is a highly effective way of increasing student engagement and motivation.

Why is outdoor learning important for your child?

Time spent learning outside and using natural resources supports creativity and problem solving, enhances cognitive functioning, improves academic performance, improves self-discipline and eyesight, and reduces stress. As the time children spend in nature continues to reduce on average, finding more ways for children to regularly spend time in nature is more important than ever.


Benefits of outdoor learning

Outdoor learning has positive impacts for children – on their intrinsic motivation for learning, enjoyment of lessons, increases creativity, and activates thinking outside the box. It also improves children’s health and wellbeing, social skills and behaviour, and it has furthermore been proven to encourage better attendance, teamwork and to reduce bullying.

How we can help you get started with outdoor learning

Nature play promotes health benefits, including cognitive, social and emotional development, and it builds resilience and creativity as well. Experiences in nature as a child also leads to environmental awareness and stewardship later in life.

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