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About Bush Kindy

Real life nature spaces allows children to engage in authentic experiences in their local community that fosters children to connect with nature.

What is Bush Kindy?

You may have heard the term bush kindy around or perhaps referred to as forest school or even a beach kindy. Bush Kindy is an amazing way for our children to truly connect with nature and extend their learning experiences.

The spaces are diverse and the programs are unique but the ethos of these Bush Kindy programs is founded on Nature pedagogy. The process of teaching with and in nature that centres on exploration. It uses a teaching approach that incorporates inquiry-based learning and promotes questioning and discovery that arises from children. Experiences provided by the educator are to inspire curiosity and wonder and foster child led play and learning. Real life nature spaces allows children to engage in authentic experiences in their local community that fosters children to connect with nature. Nature programs actively supports children’s positive wellbeing and holistic development.

Clearview - crossing creek

Importance of Connection to Nature

Hand in hand the children head out the gate of the early years service and into the community to venture into nature spaces. Each local area offers something unique and special and is ready to be explored by the children. Some bush kindies are set amongst the calls of birds hidden amongst the lush rainforest trees along with the lizards and little creatures. Creek programs offer the soothing sound of the trickling water of the creek, places to explore and discover water bugs. Nature programs by the foreshore on dune areas can hear the crashing of waves in the background as they play under the pandanus in the sandy dunes. Other children are nestled at the base of the trees investigating tiny insects in the Eucalypt forest area. Whether it’s the mangroves, the paperbark forest, an open green space or nature nook within the city, they all offer an opportunity for educators to enrich the curriculum and play opportunities for children.  Queensland refers to these programs as “Bush Kindy”, many are also named Beach Kindy or even Forest School and are essentially nature based programs – a classroom without walls, extending the learning beyond the building and fences to community nature spaces.

The bare basics are taken, in fact just safety provisions, as nature provides all the resources and stimulation for learning. It’s a place where children use their bodies to balance across logs, scramble up hills, dig into the mud, climb trees and navigate their way over rocks and uneven ground. The programs embrace challenges as children engage in problem solving, critical thinking and build independence, risk intelligence and confidence. The outdoor experiences promote collaboration and team work through peer to peer learning. Imagination and creativity are stimulated through the vast resources available to create, construct and compose in nature freely. And resilience and empathy are nurtured as children connection to nature grows

Bush Kindy Leader Course by Nature Play QLD

The Nature Play QLD 3-day Bush Kindy leader course will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to create your own inspiring space for a bush or beach kindy. It will connect the Early Years Framework and My Time our Place to outdoor learning and your own bush kindy program to ensure that your kids are experiencing what they need and when they need it – and in a much more exciting place than inside! This course is for any educator working within the early learning industry who wants to create a much more vibrant and enriching experience for their kids. With so much amazing natural environment available to us here in Australia, why wouldn’t we use it to help shape our kids learning experiences.

What Our Past Graduates Have To Say

All presenters were respectful, patient and passionate. They all want us to succeed and are available beyond the workshop. So professional, well expertly presented, smooth including the transitions between indoor and outdoor sessions and meals. Meals were lovely I really enjoyed myself.


This workshop was a great mix of theory & hands-on staff. I learned a lot and am going to make things I already do – lots better. Everything was very clear and well explained and made me feel confident in running a Bush Kindy Program.

Ian Green

So much practical information from simple and basic two more complicated so there is a starting point for everyone with something to go back and try in our services. It has been a sensational 3 days worth of learning, engaging and really investigating something I’m very passionate about and wanting to go back to work equipped with knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to have a crack at some stuff and keep going

Jane Nimmo

Excellent content and delivery mixed with hands on activities really helped to understand Nature Pedagogy!

Esther Christian

Great mix between theory and practical. Many opportunities to reflect and ask questions. Excellent examples given through videos and photos. Fantastic course! Thank you so much.


Bec was an abundance of knowledge, kind and infections in her delivery of all content – no stone unturned. Totally the best course I have been too – all staff are kind, considerate and engaging. Passionate and full of knowledge ready to share and inspire. From food, information, enrolment and delivery you really couldn’t ask for more – so fortunate to have shared in the experience.

Lou Ruff

What Sets Nature Play QLD Apart?

Our course has been created with the Australian learning and physical landscape in mind.

  • Explore the principles and practice of learning in nature through Nature Pedagogy based on the Forest School model.
  • Explore how to implement practices in your service play spaces and in the community in nature, beach, and bush settings.
  • Explore a ‘typical’ Bush Kindy session with practical nature based learning experiences.
  • Explore Australian curriculum possibilities across all play spaces indoors and outdoors.
  • Explore the links to the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place.
  • Explore Indigenous perspectives, sustainability, environmental education, and community connections.
  • Explore how to support and document children’s individual learning experiences to meet curriculum requirements.
  • Explore barriers to nature programs and discuss strategies to overcome these.
  • Explore the requirements of legislation, policies, and procedures.
  • Engage in an action plan to take back to your service.


“Nature pedagogy is the practice of teaching and learning with and in nature. It encompasses the importance of culture, community and the sustainability of our natural world. It fosters children’s holistic development and wellbeing through play and hands on authentic and meaningful experiences. The approach fosters a sense of wonder, exploration and discovery through inquiry-based learning that is child led” Nature Play QLD

Next Workshop Dates

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Personalised Bush Kindy workshops are also available but must be able to fill the 20 person capacity.