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Kabool Road, West Burleigh, 4220 QLD, Australia

David Fleay Wildlife Park

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Kabool Road, West Burleigh, 4220 QLD, Australia

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6 - 8 years

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Established in 1951, David Fleay Wildlife Park is an environmental education facility that encourages community awareness, appreciation and understanding of Queensland’s protected areas and native wildlife, and inspires people to share in their conservation.

The park features three distinct wildlife habitats that can be explored along a network of boardwalks and paths. Take a stroll through wetland, rainforest and open eucalypt forest and see some of Australia’s iconic wildlife housed in naturalistic enclosures. The nocturnal house showcases some unusual species rarely seen in the wild, including the endangered greater bilby of the inland deserts, and the endangered Julia Creek dunnart from the Mitchell Grass Downs country of north-west Queensland.