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Brunswick Street, New Farm, QLD, 4005

New Farm Park

When is the place?

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Where is it?

Brunswick Street, New Farm, QLD, 4005

Recommended for

6 - 8 years

9 - 12 years

0 - 4 years

5 - 6 years

13+ years


Walking trail

Nature Playground

Sports Oval

Conventional Playground


Car parking

Coffee shop




Sun Shade


New Farm Park is a public park located in the suburb of New Farm, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The park covers 15 hectares (37 acres) and is situated at the south-eastern end of the New Farm peninsula on a bend in the Brisbane River. The Powerhouse arts centre is located at the eastern end of the park. The area was dotted by lagoons and waterholes which the Aboriginals named Binkin-ba, meaning “place of the land tortoise”

It has a great nature play space in the trees near the playground along with extensive gardens to explore and the river edge on one edge. All great locations for inquisitive minds!