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Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Mon Repos Conservation Park

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If you’ve heard of Mon Repos Beach, it’s more than likely that you know that it’s a beach most famous for its turtles! Located in Bundaberg, Mon Repo Beach is at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and is host to some amazing sea life.

Every year between November and March, you can catch a glimpse of some mother loggerhead turtles as they make the journey up the beach to lay their eggs. You might even be lucky enough to watch some of the tiny new turtle’s hatch!

To protect these amazing sea creatures, you can book a limited spot to watch the laying and hatching event. You will be joined by a marine biologist who can teach you the wonders of this amazing spot and ensure that the turtles feel safe to lay their eggs. Head to their website to book your spot for the school holidays.