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Between Gladstone and Bundaberg

Bulburin National Park

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Between Gladstone and Bundaberg


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Bulburin National Park encompasses the catchments for the Boyne and Kolan rivers and Baffle and Granite creeks. Subtropical rainforest and dense stands of dry rainforest with emerging hoop pines cover half of Bulburin—together, they form the largest rainforest remnant in central Queensland.

The rest of Bulburin contains open eucalypt forest, woodland and tall open forest with a rainforest understorey. Dry open forests with New England blackbutt, spotted gum and white mahogany grow on the more exposed western ridges and foothills. Mature hoop pine plantations in the adjoining State forest areas are being harvested for timber.

A variety of wildlife lives in the forest including wompoo pigeons, regent bowerbirds, red-necked and red-legged pademelons and red-eyed tree frogs. Rare and threatened species like the long-nosed potoroo have also been reported. Bulburin National Park protects the only known population of the endangered Bulburin nut tree Macadamia jansenii, which is so rare, less than 40 individuals exist.