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7 George Alexandar Way, Coomera, QLD 4209

Whispering Gully Coomera

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7 George Alexandar Way, Coomera, QLD 4209


Early Childhood Nature Play Spaces

Early Childhood Bush and Beach Kindy and Nature Programs

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Our centre is a Steiner influenced centre embracing the importance of PLAY for all children. Our children are lucky enough to have extended periods of outdoor play to fully immerse themselves in everything our natural spaces have to offer.  We love our children to follow their own ideas and explore all the possibilities in their world. Nature play at Whispering Gully get messy, dirty, and wet as we explore the true meaning of being kids. Our wonderful educator’s support our children in their play experiences as they learn about the world they live in. They allow children to experiment, fail and try again supporting all areas of the children’s growth.

Our children learn to assess risk by doing. They jump, climb and construct, problem solving their way through their play experiences while negotiating, planning, and carrying out instructions with their peers. This enhances not only physical development but, just as importantly, social and emotional attributes.  Our outdoor spaces provide opportunities for water gathering with our river and water pump, we have a hill to roll down, muddy patches to jump in, fort to climb, bushes to cubby in and lots of loose parts to build whatever we can imagine! We have chickens where we learn about caring for our feathered friends and learn about lifecycles when we have some of our eggs hatching. We are also lucky enough to be home to a hive of native bees and some bush tucker plants. Our children learn about recycling and sustainability by helping with composting and growing our own herbs and vegetables.  Most of all though, is we have fun! Our kids have fun playing and our educators have fun supporting them to do it.