Getting our kids outdoors
Cnr Schubert and Kiel Mountain Roads, Woombye

Suncoast Little Learners

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Cnr Schubert and Kiel Mountain Roads, Woombye


Early Childhood Bush and Beach Kindy and Nature Programs

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At Suncoast Little Learners, imagine days of discovery, friendships, mud pies, castle construction, Bush Kindy tricycle races, picking fresh strawberries in their very own veggie patch and discovering new life watching their ducklings hatch. Imagine a kindy where making a gooey, squelchy coloured mess and creating a masterpiece with sequins and cereal boxes was all a part of your little learner’s day. At Suncoast Little Learners they figure that your child probably has more than enough screentime at home and more than enough indoor activity. That’s why they balance the indoor with the outdoor. It’s why they balance the quiet pursuits with adventures. It’s why they say it’s okay to get dirty.