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Early Childhood Bush and Beach Kindy and Nature Programs

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At NCC Early Learners, Nature Play is incorporated into our programs in two ways:

  1. Through the development of more natural play spaces within our centres
  2. Through excursions to the bush or beach, we learn more about our environment and experience playing and creating in nature.

At NCC Early Learners, we believe nature play fosters good social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.  It provides the ultimate opportunity for open-ended play, creativity and problem-solving. Nature play enhances spiritual, sensory and aesthetic awareness. We run a bush kindergarten program and venture over to our bushland area at least twice a week.

Here children are given the opportunity to investigate and discover nature independently. We have a variety of different sized rocks, trees, logs and bark for the children to climb, balance and explore. Nature allows children to play and move in different ways and take on bigger risks in turn supporting active and healthy lifestyles. The children climb to higher heights, lift sticks, and create and run around in their imaginary play spaces.

On our way over to the bushland, The children experience our school farm and all it has to offer.  They see the horses stables where our ponies live, vegetable patches such as orange trees, lettuce, herbs, tomatoes etc; chicken coops where the children collect eggs and various farming machinery. On particular occasions, the educators organise times to meet with the Farmers to experience brushing and feeding of the horses. This has to be a highlight of the week.

Once we arrive at bush kindy, the children are given three rules to follow however are free to investigate and discover. Being in nature is proven to improve one’s mood and reduce mental fatigue. The children have built a humpee out of sticks, created campfires and enjoy going on bug hunts. These are some of the many adventures and activities the children are involved in at Bush Kindy. As educators, we scaffold their learning by providing nature orientated books to inspire their creativity, cooking equipment to build upon their experiences and we engage in conversations that enhance their knowledge of the environment. At NCC Early Learners Nambour, we also have access to a dam where the children can observe tadpoles, water lilies and other water creatures. We work together to develop their understanding of sustainable practices and the impact we have on our environment. The children get very excited about our adventures to bush kindy and it is evident of all the benefits this amazing opportunity has for them.