Getting our kids outdoors
7 Broad Street, Labrador QLD 4215

Labrador Kindergarten

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7 Broad Street, Labrador QLD 4215


Early Childhood Bush and Beach Kindy and Nature Programs

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Since 1957, Labrador Kindergarten has proudly been a special place for children and families, where wonderful memories are created. Labrador Kindergarten offers an intentional educational and creative space exclusively for 44 children with a maximum of 22 children per program. What this means is that your child is receiving the most purposeful, conscious and catered educational care while at our Centre. We believe the experiences, relationships and opportunities children have in the early years are fundamental to a child’s future wellbeing, identity and connectedness within their community. Our philosophy is founded on dedication and devotion to our children and their wellbeing, our families, our community, our educators, our environment and our learning program.

Our service has an inviting outdoor learning space, with mud pit, sand pit, loose parts, vegetable garden, worm farm, composting and native bees.  We have a climbing tree that was one of the first trees planted when the kindergarten opened in the early 1960s. It has grown into a place of shade and climbing adventures. This is supported by providing an indoor/outdoor program.

Why is nature play so important to our centre?

We believe that Nature Play is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. We believe in supporting children to be outdoors more often so they can be physically active, engage in unstructured play and learning.

What does nature play look like at your centre?

We are fortunate to be in walking distance of the Broadwater lagoon and beach, so we provide a Beach Kindy Program to extend our children’s connections with nature and our local community. Nature play promotes mental and emotional wellbeing, strengthens immunity, reduces behaviour challenging, and improves focus and attention.