Getting our kids outdoors

Children pulsing through the neighbourhood

How the neighbourhood constructed a positive and healthy sense of self If play is the lifeblood of childhood, the central lifeforce for children, the impetus of their development and vitality, then the neighbourhood is the vein (cardiovascular) system for this lifeblood to circulate. It is the network of channels where this lifeforce can flow freely. Invigorating, stimulating […]

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Plant the seeds for play

Perhaps your children already spend a lot of time in your back – or front yard, or perhaps you’d like to encourage them into more outdoor play. Either way, think about how plants, trees, and loose parts can provide great opportunities for imaginary and other play outside. Apart from beautifully cultivated gardens – whose owners can get upset […]

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The Importance of School Holiday Play

Does play really matter? Research is telling us a resounding YES! Play matters immensely. When children play, they are learning about their world and developing lifelong skills – including social skills, gross and fine motor skills, creativity, resilience and decision making skills. This is what we all want for our children. These holidays consider simplifying the break from […]

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