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Cottonwood Learning

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Cottonwood Learning is an all weather outdoor nature play program based on self directed play and inquiry learning. Children are given opportunities for deep play and nature immersion which fosters growth in body, mind and spirit.

Each session is based on the ideas and curiosities that arise from children’s interests as the program is child led and inquiry based so each day will look a little different. This may include bushland exploration, tree climbing, play with shelters and rope, bushcraft, nature craft, muddy play, and so much more. Children will have opportunities to engage in nature craft, earth art, stories and mindfulness experiences. They will explore the natural surrounding, learn about local flora and fauna and how these link to Indigenous ways of being and knowledge. Together we will look after the land on which we play and learn, developing a great sense of respect and care and taking on roles as nature warriors. The program offers diverse experiences to develop physical skills and engage in risky play in safe ways. We use real tools, build shelters and go on adventures!

Cottonwood Learning offer playgroup sessions with families and young ones, Nature Kindy – a drop off program and Drop off Homeschool and Holiday program sessions.