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We love hearing your stories, adventures and ideas to share.


We encourage you to write a blog to let us know what you’ve been up to, and outcomes from Nature Play activities during school time or if you’ve assigned it as homework.  Please read the Blog Guide for Educators before you get started. Please note that this contains a list of questions to help you, but please consider these as a guide only and you may write on any to


We have two ways to support parents to write blogs for Nature Play QLD.

1.  Your personal story about Nature Play – We encourage you to write a blog to let us know what you’ve been up to, and outcomes from your family’s Nature Play QLD activities. You may write on any topic, however please read the Parents’ Guide to blog posts for your own experiences with Nature Play QLD before you get started.

2.  55 Topics close to our heart – Write a blog on one of our suggested topics below. They might resonate with you, and a learning or experience you have to share.  You may edit a  topic so it better suits you.  Please view general blog submission as PDF or download the general blog submission form in word


Blogs from our Partner organisations are always welcome at any time. We also encourage other organisations to write blogs on topics that are relevant to Nature Play QLD, and themes on unstructured outdoor play and its impacts on children and families in relation to your organisation.  We encourage cross-promotion of your events, products or services at the end of your blog to reference you as as the contributor.  Please note that we do not accept blogs that read as advertorial.

Other tips:

  • Suitable length:  700-1000 words.
  • Please submit your blog in a word document with photos attached as .JPG files to Nature Play QLD Social Media Coordinator at
  • We recommend providing at least one photo to support your blog post (please ensure you have suitable approval to use the photo, particularly those of children).
  • If you’d like images inserted at specific places, please simply request with words at the desired place eg – [insert image124.jpg here]
  • We encourage you to use links to strengthen your content, where practical.  To do so in a way that will help us with formatting, please write the url next to your desired word.  Eg, [Nature Play QLD] promotes outdoor play.
  • Please also contact us if you have questions or concerns

For more information and instructions on writing and submitting your blog, please view 

For questions not covered on the blog post guide, contact