Our Apps

Connect with families in your local area, discover new ways to nature play and track your toddler’s progress through developmental milestones with the Nature Play apps.

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Digital Doorknock app

Use this app to meet the families who live in your local area so your kids can meet up for active outdoor play whenever they like, and you can build a friendly community in your neighbourhood. The Digital Doorknock app shows you the families who live nearby and are interested in meeting up for play, and you won’t have to knock on a single door to find them!

Grow with Nature Play app

Designed for parents of newborn to toddler aged little ones, this app is packed with nature play ideas grouped by age – so you can help your baby naturally reach developmental milestones as they become familiar with the wonderful natural world around them. Tick off the milestones in the app as you reach them, record your little one’s progress and find other families with nature playing babies nearby to meet for a nature play group!


Nature Passport app

Challenge your kids to complete one of the Nature Play ‘missions’ you will find in this app to get them exploring in nature and making discoveries on mission after mission. This app will grow kids’ curiosity about the natural world and will show them how much fun playing in nature is as they see how many nature play missions they can complete each day. If your kids love completing nature play missions you can also order them a free Nature Play Passport here.