Loose Parts Play Regional Tour

Outdoor play in regional Queensland is going to soon get a whole lot more fun and adventurous. The Heart Foundation is supporting Nature Play QLD through the Active Australia Innovation Challenge, to encourage more loose parts play in regional Queensland. To make this happen a partnership between Nature Play QLD, BUSHKids and The Outsiders Play Advocates has been formed.


The first step was a series of 3 separate online information sessions for educators and parents to be involved in. Hosted by The Outsiders, the information sessions were designed as a collaborative way to inspire more educators, playworkers, and parents to enable outdoor play opportunities for children. We had over 200 educators and parents attend each session!


These online workshops set the scene for the Loose Parts Play Regional Tour. Thanks to a grant from The Heart Foundation; Nature Play QLD, The Outsiders, and BushKids are gearing up to head out to some of Queensland’s regional towns with the Loose Parts Play Pod. A series of workshops will be held to help education centres, primary schools, and play centres to plan, create, and implement their loose parts play journey. And as the dust clears on our departure, we will leave behind a firm and exciting plan for loose parts play that can be shared throughout the community.


Dates and locations of the Loose Parts Play Regional Tour – 1st leg. REGISTER HERE

  • 6th October – Stanthorpe & Warwick
  • 7th October – Dalby
  • 8th October – Kingaroy & Murgon
  • 9th October – Toowoomba

Dates and locations of the Loose Parts Play Regional Tour – 2nd leg REGISTER HERE

  • 19th October – Rockhampton
  • 20th October – Emerald
  • 21st October – Gladstone
  • 22nd October – Bundaberg

Dates and locations of the Loose Parts Play Regional Tour – 3rd leg REGISTER HERE

  • 2nd November – Hervey Bay
  • 3rd November – Gympie
  • 4th November – Maroochydore
  • 5th November – Caloundra


Join in the journey on our Facebook page, where we’ll be giving live updates on the progress of the tour!


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