Mudpits 101 Temporary mudpits

Is there any better toy in the world?! The gloopy, glumpy feel of playing in the mud isn’t just fun, it's great for physical and emotional development too.

How can Nature Play Lists help your child?

Nature play is FUNdamental to a full and healthy childhood – it grows children’s health and happiness. Nature play is proven to significantly improve all aspects of child development – physical, mental, social and emotional, including growth of resilience, self-confidence, learning ability, concentration, creativity and more.

The Nature Play Passports and missions act as great incentives and inspiration to get kids playing independently outdoors.

Tip 1: Dirt considerations

Make sure the soil you use or buy has no additives, like fertilisers. Children have the uncanny ability to eat dirt, even when they are not trying.

Tip 2: Where to position your mud pit

Somewhere with shade is highly recommended as kids can play for hours in these pits. Also somewhere where there is a lot of moisture is good.

Underneath trees or shrubs are great positions for mud pits. They not only provide shade, they allow for the games to include the trees or shrubs, adding another play element to the world being crafted, and creating opportunities for kids to extend their time in being creative.

In gullies or where water runs through your garden. Kids can explore water catchments, practice damming, build pretend rivers, bridges or swimming pools. Adding the element of running water into the mud pit will increase the possibilities for imaginative play.

Tip 3: Temporary mud pit options & how to set up

NaturePlay-4170 (2)
Free range mud pits

Lay a heavy duty tarp somewhere appropriate and place your soil on top. The tarp will reduce the spread of mess. Make sure your tarp is large enough to extend at least 1 metre diameter beyond your mud pile. This will more likely contain the mud and make removing the soil easy once play time is over (which can also be spread in your garden somewhere).

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Wash tub mud pits

Lay the tarp out and place soil in large wash up or laundry tubs.

blow up mud pit 2
Blow up mud pits

If you have an old blow up swimming pool, they make awesome temporary mud pits

Wheelbarrow mud pit
Wheelbarrow mud pit

No need for a permanent mud puddle in the garden with this clever solution! Just add some soil to your wheelbarrow, park it near a tap and let the kids go wild with mud and loose parts to their hearts’ content.